The Best, Fastest, Easiest Side Dish Ever

I know, that is a lot to live up to. But it’s true.

Go to your farmers market or grocery store or fruit stand or wherever you get good produce and buy some greens. I’m talking hearty greens, the kind that will stand up to some heat. Kale, Swiss Chard, Collards, Endive, Arugula or even some good old Spinach. Tonight, I used Kale, Chard and Chicory from the garden. You can throw in some dandelion greens if you are feeling adventurous! Next, heat some olive oil in a saute pan. When its nice and shiny throw in a bit of pine nuts… they get all toasty and delicious. Now add your greens. (You can leave the leaves whole or tear them up a bit if you want.) Fill your pan up & add a pinch of salt and pepper. Don’t be scared if you think you added to much, it’s going to wilt. Stir it up  and add just a bit of minced garlic. Stir it up some more and add a handful of golden raisins. Once its all wilty and mixed up, take it off the heat and drizzle a little bit of balsamic vinegar. Soooo good. And easy. Taaaa-Daaa!


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