Wrap It Up

Here’s a secret about me: I’m really, really messy.

Oh, wait. That is actually the opposite of a secret – as anyone who has ever been to my house can attest to. Whatever, no one’s perfect.  At work, I do just fine. My space is usually clean, I can use the requisite two towels per shift (most of the time) and I always clean my sinks and sweep the floor on my way out.

But yeah, I tend to be a bit of a hurricane… especially in the kitchen at home.

So here is one very small trick I employ in order to keep some of my home kitchen equipment clean… Plastic wrap! Cheap, fairly durable and easy to peel off and toss when you are finished. I wrap the bottom of my hand mixer with it, poke the beaters through and go to town. When I’m done, I peel it off and tada! A nice, clean mixer. I use this wrapped around the underside of my stand mixer as well and it works beautifully.

Just make sure it isn’t blocking any necessary air vents or anything. That might be bad. Not that I would know anything about that.



2 thoughts on “Wrap It Up

  1. Little Big says:

    Your house is always neat when I come over!

    Neat trick!

  2. pistolval says:

    Oh that’s just my next tip: “shove everything in closets and drawers 10 minutes before anyone arrives at your house!”

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