About Me

I’m a mom, a wife, and a baker.

I wouldn’t say I’m awesome, but you can.

I’ve lived  in the Central Valley in California since I was born- minus a year and some spent overseas as a newlywed.  I am married to a man named Jason who is my polar opposite, better half, best friend and my shelter from the storm. (That made me gag. But, it must be said… I do love that man.) We have two children, Ozzie is 10 and Ivy is nearly 8, who are smart, talented, hilarious, creative, fun and drive us insane on a pretty steady basis. They are still alive, happy, do well in school and are (mostly) kind to others so we must be doing a decent job as parents.

I am a baker/cook/caterer by vocation. Its my passion and its how I bring home the proverbial bacon. You can find out more about that side of my life here and here.

I love to write. I LOVE to read. I collect anything pretty/interesting/unusual/slightly morbid.  Sometimes I sell my collections here.

This is my place to write.  To rant. (Fair warning.) To vent. To make sense of it all.

All that being said, welcome. It’s very nice to meet you. Would you like a cup of tea? (You’ll have to make your own, but the spirit of it holds true I think.)

“Fear not. Fate is always in one’s own hands.” – Anonymous Pakistani cabdriver


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